I met Ms. Celeste at an Iola High basketball game last year. Actually I was there to mostly take photos of Molly but Celeste was cheering next to Molly. And the first photo I ever took of Celeste was a good one. She was, lets say, making faces, at someone in the stands.

I know, that is hard to believe. I teased her about that photo and I think Celeste had some fun with that photo. So this year when I went to an Iola High game I knew I wanted to get a few more photos of Celeste. And I think I got some good ones. Actually I don't think anyone can take a bad photo of Celeste.

It was fun watching Celeste cheer that night. I just wish the Iola High cheerleaders would have performed a dance at that game. But maybe I can get some photos of Celeste dancing next year.

I am just getting to know the cheerleaders of Chanute High. I don't get to attend as many CHS games as I would like but I hope to make a few through the winter sports season.

Ms. Paris asked if I could come to a CHS game early and take some pictures of her in her cheer uniform. I did not know Paris so I asked around about her and every one said she was a great young lady and after meeting her I would have to say that everyone was right.

She wore that smile all evening.

And if the Comets ever need a quarterback I think Paris would be ready.

Thanks Paris for asking me to take your cheer pictures.

Abbi seems like a very fun young lady and I enjoy watching her cheer at the Comets games.

The Chanute High cheerleaders did not wear their regular uniforms the night I took these pictures of Abbi.

And it was cold the night of the Girard game.

But I hope to be able to take some photos at the CHS basketball games this winter so I may get some pictures of Abbi in her cheer unform one of these days.

Thank you Abbi for allowing me the chance to take some cheer pictures of you.

I met Molly late in her Junior year at Iola High. She seems like a fun young lady and I was pleased when her mom asked me to take some pictures of Molly in her cheerleader uniform.

It was a neat photo shoot and we all learned how high Molly can jump.

Thanks Molly and Lori for asking me to take Molly's Cheerleader photos.

Late in the 2010 basketball season I decided to go to Iola and take some photos of their cheer team. I had been there earlier in the year and I took a few photos of their cheerleaders but I wanted to go back.

Molly seems like a fun lady and I took a few of her.

Their cheerteam performed a neat dance at halftime of the boys game.

And it was their Senior night. I don't know if this kiss was for a parent or a special guy in the stands.

I missed out on the chance to do a portrait shoot of the HHS Cheerleaders early in the 2009-2010 school year and that was something I would have really enjoyed. I really wanted to do a portrait shoot of a cheerleader and I considered asking one of the HHS cheerleaders to pose for me but then I decided I did not want to upset some of the other HHS cheerleaders by only asking one to model for me. Then I decided to ask Kelcey to model for me.

Kelcey and my daughter Michaela went to daycare together as infants. They also went through Tasia Cooper’s South Street Dance Company together. Kelcey was a cheerleader and dancer at Allen Community Collage and I often took photos of her as she performed at the Red Devils games.

Thanks Kelcey. It meant a lot to me.

Cheerleaders are part of sporting events too. I often have many chances to take pictures of the cheerleaders. If you would like for me to photograph your cheerleading star during the season just let me know.

Sometimes the games do not go in favor of the Cubs. I think that is seen in Kelcey's expression.

Call me at 473-3786 or send me an e-mail at  myerphotography@cox.net  and let me know that you would like some photos of your cheerleading star.

Marah cheered on the Iola Mustangs...

Now she cheers on the Emporia State Hornets. And she is on the Stinger Dance Team.

And I think she is a Captain on the Stingers Dance Team now.

Photographing the youngest of cheerleaders can be fun too. The Allen Community Red Devils Cheerleaders recently hosted a cheer camp. Later their students performed at a Red Devils game.

Let me help you capture the memories of your stars.

All images were uploaded at low file size and low resolution. They look much better in print.

You can contact me by sending me an e-mail at  myerphotography@cox.net 

Mike Myer