Ms. Bryanna is  not a Senior yet but she did just complete modeling school and she asked if I could do a modeling shoot on her and family photos too.

Bryanna asked if I could come up with a clasic car and I think we found the perfect one, but if you are like me, you notice Bryanna before you do the car.

And we also did some studio work that day.

Thanks Bryanna and Audrey for asking me to take your first portfolio photos.

Well this might be my most special Senior Portrait shoot so far. Miranda is my daughter, the one who flies airplanes.

I think she would rather fly an airplane than have her picture taken.

She is beautiful and I think this might be the most comfortable she has ever been in front of the camera.

Usually she does not like to have her picture taken but she seemed to enjoy it this day.

We did most of this shoot in the greater Dallas, TX area. Miranda’s grandfather lives there and she wanted some of her Seniors taken with his restored trucks.

I am not sure where our next shoot will be but I hope it turns out as well as the one in Dallas did.

Racheal and I have attended church together for a long time and I was thrilled when she asked if I could take her Senior Portraits. She is a beautiful young lady and she was my first Senior Portrait shoot of the 2012 year.

Racheal wanted her Seniors taken outdoors and she asked if I knew of some good places. Naturally I did. But the beauty of the background pales when compared to Racheal.


And of course I always offer collages.

Ezra's mom and I went to Humboldt High just a few years ago. I was glad when she called and asked if I could take Ezra's Seniors. They had decided that most of Ezra's Seniors would be taken indoors and they asked if I had a studio. Of course I do, well, kind of.

There are buildings in Humboldt, Iola, and Chanute that I can rent by the day. Since I don't have to maintain a building of my own I don't have to charge like some other studio photographers do.

I did not know Ezra but he seemed like an easy going young man and he knew what poses he wanted.

And even though most of Ezra's Seniors were taken indoors we did slip outside for a few.

And of course I make collages for every shoot that I do.

Thanks Yolanda and Ezra for asking me to take your Senior Portraits.

Earlier this year Kayla asked me to take her outdoor Seniors. You can see some of them further down on this page. Then I had the chance to take some studio portraits of Kayla.

I like to keep an eye on my Seniors and I like to try to get them to forget about the camera every once in a while. And when I do sometimes I get a neat portrait.

And Kayla and her mom had some great ideas too.

And I love to make collages for my Seniors.

Softball season is coming up and I think Kayla and I are both looking forward to it. I really hope I can make some of Kayla's games and get some photos of her playing softball.

Thanks guys for asking me to take your Senior Portraits.

It was a cold and windy day. I could have stayed in by the fire or I could go out for a Senior Portrait shoot. Care to guess which I did?

I was albe to dress for the cold because I was behind the camera. Kayla sometimes had on a hoodie or jacket but I knew she was getting cold but she never complained. This was her Senior Portrait shoot and she decided to have her portraits taken on a snowy day.

Kayla really is a lovely young lady. This photo is one of my favorites.

And I also like this one.

Thank You Kayla for asking me to take your Seniors. You have a unique set of Seniors, the first time I have ever done the full shoot in the snow, but I loved it.

I have had Cheyenne out more this year than anyone else. So far we have spent about 5 hours together and been on two different outdoor shoots.

It was time to do some studio work with Cheyenne.

At one point during this shoot Cheyenne went into a super model mode and just moved from one pose to another by herself. In about 30 seconds I had 15 portraits of Cheyenne and no two were the same. I did not say a word to her when she was doing that. After she was done I told her that sometimes I felt like talking to her but this was a time when I knew I did not want to say a thing. I just let her go. And I am going to do that again now. I am going to let her beauty do the talking here.

I have been taking photos of Darrah for about three years, can you tell why?

She is a beauty. And I have known her for a long time. I kid her a lot but I love her like a daughter.

She has always been willing to pose for me and I will take portraits of her every chance I get. I asked her to jump in this picture. Notice her scarf and her shirt tail.

Thanks Darrah. I hope to see you in front of my camera again next year.

Ms. Cheyenne. What a fun time this shoot turned out to be. I like to ask to see if the Senior would like something special about their shoot. Cheyenne wanted leaves. So I found a nice are with leaves.

And she wanted to wade in a stream wearing a dress.

I had to buy some waterproof boots just for this shoot. That water was cold and I am glad I had boots. I think Ms. Cheyenne wished she had some too.

We had lots of fun that day. So much so that we decided to do it again.

I love that jacket. It was a great idea.

And this is not a false background. Cheyenne was actually standing in front of this colorful fall background.

And this is my favorite portrait from both shoots.

Thanks Cheyenne and Marla, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I meet Molly at a football game at Coffeville earlier this year. She is a beauty and so much fun to be around.

I did not realize it at the time but I went to school with Molly's mom, and that was just a few years ago. :) I was hoping Molly and Lori would ask me to take Molly's Seniors.

And I am glad they did.

You can find some more photos of Molly on my Cheerleaders page and I hope to be able to take more cheer photos of Molly this year.

Last year I took Wille's Seniors and I had hopes that I would be asked to take Chris's Seniors this year. Willie and Chris are brothers.

I really did not know Chris very well but I found him to be fun and he was easy going. I like it when the subject of my photography is comfortable in front of the camera and Chris seemed to be.

This old red barn makes a nice location for a photo shoot.

Thanks guys for asking me to take Chris's Seniors.

I have done some photography for Renee in the past and I was really hoping she would ask me do take Jarred's Seniors.

We started out at the football field. Game photos added to a Senior Portrait shoot can make a nice collage.

Renee suggested this photo and this is exactly why I welcome input from the Senior and their friends and family. This was a great idea.

And I always make collages from my Senior shoots. My collages are just suggestions. The Senior and their family can pick which pictures end up in the final version.

Thanks Jarred and Renee for asking me to take Jarred's Seniors.

Ali e-mailed me asking if I would take her Seniors, her college Seniors. Ali is a Senior at Washburn U. in Topeka and is from Junction City. And she asked me if I would take her Seniors. That was an honor for me.

These first two are the same picture. One was cropped horizonally.

And this one vertically but I added some edit work to it too.

Alyson told me she liked these college Seniors better than her high school Seniors. What a great complement from a beautiful young woman.

I think this one is my favorite.

Thanks Ali for the trust you placed in me when you asked me to take your college Seniors.

Matthew and his parents asked me to take Matthews Seniors.


We set the date then Matthew asked if he could bring his girl friend with him.

I told him that would be great. I love it when a Senior includes someone special in their shoot.

Thanks guys for the trust you placed in me when you asked me to be your Senior Portrait phototgrapher.

Seth is a busy young man and he enjoys playing lots of sports. The fall baseball season is keeping him busy but we did squeeze a quick photo shoot in featuring him wearing his football jersey.

I am looking forward to finishing Seth's Seniors later this fall.

And we were able to get Seth's portrait shoot in. I think this one is my favorite.

Seth is a three sports player for Humboldt High and I enjoy watching him when I can. I was also glad when Doug asked me to take Seth's Seniors.

Thanks guys, I enjoyed taking Seth's Seniors.

What a great day for a shoot, and a great gal to be taking pictures of.

I won't say Baby has blue eyes because I am not sure how she would feel being called baby.

We started by visiting two locations out in the country.

While we both thought the country locations were great we also did not mind leaving them and we were eager to get to our final location.

Jamie has specifically asked me to find a place with white pillars.

She told me about her blue dress and she thought it would be great if I would take her pictures with her standing next to some white pillars.

I think she had a great idea.

It was kind of a stormy day but sometimes those kinds of days are good for sunset photos.

Only one thing could have improved the shoot. And that would have been if Jamie had a twin. She does not though. Although I can show her what it would be like to have one.

Thanks Jamie for the trust you placed in me when you asked me to be your Senior Portrait photographer.

Darrah will pose or model for me just about any time I ask her to.

And you can see why I like to take Darrah's portraits.

She is a lovely young lady and I am looking forward to taking her Seniors next year.

Until then I will just have to keep asking her to help me with new ideas and locations.

Thanks Darrah. You are my favorite model.

Sherryl was my first fall of 2010 Senior Portrait shoot.

Michelle is her older sister and I had taken Michelle's Seniors the year before. While I was taking Michelle's Seniors I learned Sherryl had known for years that she wanted her Seniors taken while she was reading a book under a weeping willow tree. Sherryl's parents told me to start looking for a good tree.

I actually looked at dozens of willow trees before I setted on this one and I think you can see why I did.

It had a great background and,

a nice rail fence near by. I went out to this area twice in the days before the shoot to see what the lighting conditions were going to be like at the time of the shoot. The area was beautiful.


But not as beautiful as Sherryl.

My thanks go out to Sherryl and her family for the trust they placed in me when they ask me to be Sherryl's Senior Portrait Photographer.

While Anna is not yet a Senior I thought her photos would look great here on the Senior Portrait page.


Anna is a lovely young lady and she seemed very comfortable posing for the camera.


I thought the shoot went very well. Her home offered quite a few different options.

I saw this wood pile when we first started the shoot and I thought it would make a great background.


Thanks Anna, I love these photos.

I purchased a new camera in the fall of 2010 and when I did I took Darrah out for a test shoot. I uploaded those pictures of Darrah to my Facebook page and here at Soon after Jessica told me that if I wanted to do another test shoot that she would like to model for me. I had known Jessica for less than a year but I quickly agreed, I did this because I knew Jessica would be a beautiful model and I did want some pictures of her on my webpage.


Even through Jessica has already graduated from Colony Crest High I decided to place these pictures of her on my Senior Portrait page. I would have loved to have taken Jessica’s Seniors but we did not know each other at that time.

Thanks Jessica, you made a lovely model.

I just purchased a new camera body and before I received the camera Darrah asked if I would do a photo shoot for her. I told her that if she could wait till the new camera came in that I would take her out and let her model for me. This would give me a good chance to try the camera out. Here are a few photos from that evening of tests.

And Miranda was there too. I think she enjoyed running through this field.

And we went to a couple of other locations.

Thanks Darrah. That was just the kind of test shoot I was looking for.

Well it is the Summer of 2010 and it is looking like it is going to be a busy Senior Portrait year for me. It has started already. Even though Michaela is a Senior at Pitt State she wanted a "college" Senior Portrait Shoot. It was a great day for it too.

The Class of 2010

I had thought I was done with the Senior Portrait season but as it turns out I was not. Dee called and asked me if I would take her Seniors. It was an honor and I was very glad our schedules allowed us the time to get them done. I was worried about the weather, it has been cold in Kansas, but the forecast was looking good for January.

Dee had brought her four wheeler and she wanted to include it in a few shots.

And she brought her favorite pet. I like including pets in Senior Portraits. It adds to the fun of the afternoon.

I noticed the high lights in Dee’s hair and I told her that I was sure I could get them to stand out in our photos. And I think they looked neat.

I thought Dee looked beautiful and I am very glad she asked me to do her Seniors. Thanks Dee and Mike.

It was a pleasant day for a Senior Portrait photo shoot. The lighting conditions were excellent and the subject was beautiful. What more could a photographer ask for. Kelsey’s mom and I had been trading e-mails for a couple of weeks and it was neat to finally meet them.

I talked with Kelsey last night when they picked up their proofs. Someone mentioned there was a leaf in front of Kelsey's arm and I decided to remove it before posting this image. Hey guys does this image look better? I think this one is my favorite.

And I like this one too.

After listening to your aunt Becky last night I decided to change this one.

And two more of my favorites. Needless to say I will replace these and they will be in my portfolio book.

Style and elegance.

Thanks Kelsey and Leann. Thanks for driving up from Neodesha and Thanks for asking me to be your Senior Portrait Photographer.

Derick had a broken bone in his hand and his family decided to wait till his cast came off to have me take his Seniors.

That was probably a good idea. I don't think I could have photo-shopped the cast away.

It was a great day for the shoot and I had never seen so many family and friends along for the shoot. They kept things fun and were able to get some smiles out of Derick that I probably could not have.

Thanks guys and just remember, Derick will probably want to come along for his brother and sister's shoots. We will have to see if Derick can get them to laugh at their shoots.

Well Nick we finally got your shoot in. How many times did we have to reschedule it? Twice? Three times?

I thought things went very well.

And I think you mom was right, this shirt does look good against the backdrop of the leaves.

And my favorite Neosho County Cheer Captain was there too.

I think this was the most colorful sunset I had ever experienced during a portrait shoot.

Thanks Nick and if we need to do that one last shot again let me know. No extra charge.

How lucky we were. A shoot on the first of November and it was warm and sunny.

OK the Cowboys jerseys were a nice touch but I still think you should have at least tried on the Chiefs jerseys!

And I always welcome other family and friends on my shoots. It makes it fun.

Thanks Tiffany this shoot was one of the best ones I had all fall.

We took Cameron’s Seniors last week. It was another gloomy day and it had rained some earlier in the day. I called Cameron’s mom when I got off work but she did not answer so I headed to the shoot location. I was glad to see Jennifer, Lauren, and Cameron there. They asked about the clouds and how dark it was but I told them as long as it was not raining the clouds would not bother me a bit.

We started off with some regular shots, and these are just a few of the ones we took.

But what I want to show is how we finished.

I shot longer in to the twilight than I ever had. This one shows Cameron setting near the spillway at Santa Fe park. It was really getting dark but Cameron wanted to try this shot. We sat the shot up and I think it looked great. It took some custom settings on my camera but it worked.

I thought only one thing would improve the shoot and that was when I asked Lauren to jump in.

I was right.

Then Cameron asked about shooting even longer. You can see the bridge is really lit up and I think I did a good job of balancing the camera settings again to capture this shot. 


Then Jennifer noticed the reflections of the lights on the water. She asked if I could get a photo of Cameron and the lights being reflected off the water. I told her that I loved low light photography. Jennifer commented that this was not low light photography, it was NO light photography.

Thanks guys I had a great time and I hope to see Lauren and Cameron at Lauren's Senior Portrait shoot next year.

When Carrie asked me to take Jacob’s Seniors she mentioned she wanted some photos of Jacob with his trumpet taken downtown. I though that was a great idea.

I thought I had found a nice location but then Jacob’s dad saw this old advertising on the side of the brick building. It was neat and he suggested we try that. It worked.

Later we stopped at a couple of other places. I like different locations because they offer options. And I like offering options. Thanks guys.

When I got together with Rhonda for Danner’s shoot she told me she had this idea in mind.


She asked if I had ever done a shot like this. I told her I had not but that I had the equipment to do it and that I knew how to do it. I think it turned out quite well. It was a great suggestion.

Later we moved outside for a shoot around a barn and a farm pond.

And then a rail road shot.

Danner’s older sister Audrey had a Senior portrait taken on this same fire escape. We tried to get Danner in the exact same pose or position. I think this portrait, and Audrey’s, will look great together.


Later we headed out to Santa Fe Park. It had been raining and the water was going over the spillway. That always makes a great background but you have to know how to handle the camera, how to set it up, to capture the smooth flow of the water, blurred with a long exposure, and still have the subject in focus and not over-exposed.

When Toni called and asked about a Senior Portrait shoot for Chris she mentioned she also wanted a family shoot. I told her that was no problem. We started out at Walter Johnson Baseball Field.

 I mentioned to Toni that I had an old red barn or shed near Humboldt I had used and she thought that sounded great so we headed out there to finish the shoot.

This barn allows quite a few different options in one location.

The family shoot was just great, Molly’s little friend was even looking at the camera.

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I have watched Tyler play basketball for a few years so I was glad to hear Tyler was going to have me take his Seniors. We started out around HHS.

It was a stormy night, as quite a few of them have been lately, but I think we were able to get some good shots.

Later we moved in to the Fieldhouse for some basketball pictures.

And even the weight room. I thought the weight room was a neat idea.

And I asked Jamie to jump in on a few shots.

Conner was my first Iola High Senior Portrait shoot. I had read about Connor in the Register and it was nice to be able to meet him and his mother Tammi.

The day before the shoot Iola played at Coffeyville and Humboldt played at Caney. I stopped by the Iola game to snap a few photos of Conner. He is Iola’s place kicker, punter, and corner back. If I have some game photos then I like to use them to make a neat collage.

After starting at Iola’s football stadium we moved on for some formal portraits.

Notice that Conner is looking up and away from the camera. Even though he was I thought it was a neat pose. When I saw him look away I snapped this photo. I can't blame him for looking away. His girl friend Jessica was teasing him.

Right now I am in the middle of a run of 16 portrait shoots in 6 weeks. I am also handling 5 different print orders from earlier shoots, and what do I do? I schedule a practice shoot highlighting a cheerleader!

Why? Because if I ever feel I have learned all I can about photography then I would be finished as a photographer.

I have never been asked for a portrait shoot of a cheerleader so I decided to ask Miss K. to model for me.

Miss K. was a dancer and cheerleader for the Allen County Red Devils for two years. Currently she is a Junior at Pitt State. She drove to Iola for this shoot on a week day afternoon.

I guess you could say she jumped at the chance.

After the cheer shoot she posed for a more standard portrait shoot.


Miss K. brought other changes of clothes that we did not have time to work in to our shoot but both of us want to get together again soon for another afternoon of photography.

Thanks Miss K. and I hope to see you again soon.

Here are a few photos from our night in the House.

And if I have been asked to take your Seniors sports photos then I can make some collages celebrating their time at Humboldt High.

This shoot had the three Fs that every shoot should have. Those Fs are Family, Friends, and Fun.

I saved Tevin's jersey in color and then I changed everything else to black and white. I can remove the lettering or change it any way you would like.

We visited 3 different locations around Humboldt.

Thanks Tevin and Stephanie and D.J. and I am looking forward to finishing our shoot later this week.

I have 10 more Seniors scheduled for the next six weeks. Keep checking back to see who else will show up here.

The Class of 2009

Sunsets also make great shots and I think this one is very nice.

And I really like this collage.

To schedule a Senior Picture shoot just give me a call at 473-3786 or send me an e-mail at 

Of course you can also catch me at many of the Humboldt High games. I often carry a portfolio book of my Portrait and Sports photos with me. Just ask and I will show them to you.


Mike Myer